How to Style Your Yungala Glassware for an Elegant Christmas Table Setting

How to Style Your Yungala Glassware for an Elegant Christmas Table Setting

The most wonderful time of the year has rolled around again, and we’re here to help bring the magic to your dining table this Christmas season. Whether you’re going for a traditional or modern look, minimalist or over-the-top, we’ve got ideas to suit every taste and color palette, each one certain to leave your guests breathless.


01 | Traditional


Nothing says Christmas better than a traditional tablescape of green, white, and red. Offering both elegance and festivity this look is great for Christmas family meals, and can be dressed up or down to be as simple or as extravagant as you like. 


Don’t want to overwhelm your guests? Keep things minimalistic with a white tablecloth and napkins (make sure to iron out any wrinkles), then bring in some color with a bright centrepiece such as a green garland or bright flowers (we love this bouquet of white daisies and red roses). For a touch of warmth use gold cutlery and sprinkle some metallic ornaments around the centre of your table. 


If minimalism isn’t for you, then try adding some red placemats or gold chargers under your crockery. Uplift your table without overfilling it by decorating your dining chairs with red ribbon or white chair covers, when it comes to a traditional look the possibilities are endless!

Pour on the charm with some glass candleholders and our Vintage carafes - a stylish and practical choice for sharing drinks. These carafes can also make a great statement piece, especially when filled with rich-coloured drinks like cranberry juice and red wine. But, if you’re looking to add a bit more colour to this table setting then Green Wine Goblets are the perfect choice.

02 | Winter Wonderland (With a Pop of Color)


Embrace the season, and turn your dining table into a Winter Wonderland this Christmas. Simple, yet stylish, this tablescape is a perfect option for those desiring a contemporary look that is certain to enchant guests. 


Just like the title suggests, this tablescape is predominantly made up of white - white linen, white placemats, white plates, white bowls. Then add accents of silver, whether it’s cutlery, napkin rings or decorative baubles, to bring a magical feel to your snow-colored tablescape. Use crystal-like glasses and candleholders to imitate the look of icicles. And don’t forget your centrepiece! Transport your guests to the North Pole with silver statue reindeers, or white china christmas trees as your centrepieces. If you’re on a budget, get creative. Use odd objects around the house such as balls of white yarn, or cover some pine cones with snow spray.


If all-white isn’t your thing, we love to add pops of color like a soft blush pink or dusty blue. Our range of Pink and Blue Tumblers and Wine Glasses are the perfect way to brighten up your Winter-inspired table setting. Colored dessert plates and napkins are another great way to sneak in some lighter tones. 


03 | Modern Luxe


Make Christmas a luxurious experience this year with a black and white tablescape, perfect for those seeking a more chic and modern look. In this table setting, black is the star of the show, and what better way to display this bold color than with our vintage-inspired Smokey Black Wine Glasses. Enhance their allure with some greenery and a neutral base - soft greys are an ideal choice to help make these pieces standout. 


Elevate the dining experience with some metallic candelabras, and pair them with either black or white candles. If you’re feeling extra fancy, we recommend using gold cutlery and black napkins to help build on that feeling of luxury. 


If you’re looking for a softer and cosier vibe, keep the black accents to a minimum and add in some dark forest green. Or scatter fairy lights across the centre of the table - these are great for adding a touch of warmth. 


At Yungala, we understand that some of your most precious memories are made around a dining table, especially during Christmas. We want to help make those moments with loved ones a little extra special, so this festive season, let us help bring joy to your table.


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